Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula


We connect members and friends to the causes and activities they care about.


Come to a place where Black Lives Matter. Come here because you can't stand the thought of people going to bed hungry. Come here because women's right to health care is important.


This is a church full of activists and thinkers.




We are committed to each other, to our community and the Unitarian Universalist movement.


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Sundays will never be the same

You can choose between two services. And choose our children's program for kids and the Sunday Morning Forum for a dynamic adult program with a variety of choices.

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Social Justice

Is feeding the homeless important to you? Giving a boost to young people in need of help with their homework? Fighting for human rights?


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Expand your education!

Start Sunday right by attending the Sunday Morning Forum for a dynamic adult program with a variety of topics

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What's going on?

Get with the program

Besides our calendar, we also have a great newsletter that's constantly updated. Pick a day to come by!

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Where do kids fit in?

**Vitally Important!

Children have active Sunday School classes. How do you become a good friend? A good neighbor? How much do you know about other religions?

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Our minister

Serving since 2011

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We're ready for you!

The spring cleaning is done.

We want your first time to be pleasant. Walking into a new church full of strangers is challenging. We hope you'll feel at home immediately!

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